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Genuine Opportunity for Genuine Peoples

Number of Survey Participant in February 2004 : 89!

Total Number of Survey Participant in 2003 : 4,124!

We welcome you to our paid survey panel program. This is not a new concept and we are sure that many of you have answered survey somewhere in your life. Surveys are taken by various companies/goverment bodies because they want to know how their customers/users feel about their product or service and one good way to find out is to ask them.

So we have taken the initiative to bring companies/goverment bodies & customers/users togather in India. We have around 106 companies of India/UK/US  who wants to launch new products in Indian market, who wants to know how their customers/users feel about their products & who wants to know how they can improve their products/services.

The best part is they are willing to compensate you for your valuable response/time by Cash/Gifts/Prizes/Samples of their products & its totally free, you never have to buy anything from us or from our clients ever. You can work full time with us & join focus group or you can work part time and continue in your existing job also do our survey in your relax time.

Wait! There is more, we are not charging you anything, we are not selling you anything & there are no hidden cost to you for life time. we just want you to furnish your details with us so that we can keep a track of your profile & invite you from time to time to partcipate in the surveys, thats all. All you have to do is send us  nominal application fees of Rs. 45/- (to cover our operation cost) at below mentioned address. You will receive the application form with in 5 working days. You are required to fill out the details about you & send to us. We will assess your profile & ask you to fill out surveys online/via phone/via email/via short SMS text survey on your mobile from time to time.

You can also opt out whenever you want if you at any time decide not to participate in our surveys with total guarantee of your privacy.

Every new entry will be eligible for a 50 surprize gifts at the end of each month. So Don't wait.

You get.......
  • 100-500 per survey which takes 15-30 minutes....
  • 1000-5000 per focus group which takes more time.... 
  • Free Gifts/Prizes/Samples/Cash or Gift Vouchers

Our market research team would also like to include some other high paying programs you can utilize to get paid like pass out free samples, demonstrate products at home, take customer surveys, collect data, set up merchandise displays.

Our Address:
Recency International
P.O. Box 3679
Lajpat Nagar
New Delhi - 110024

Please read terms & conditions carefully.